Residential Evictions

  • Do you have a tenant(s) who is/are not paying the rent?
  • Do you have a tenant who refuses to leave the property after the tenancy agreement has come to an end?
  • Is your tenant in breach of some an obligation contained in the tenancy agreement?
Our aim is evict your tenants and get your property back for you as quickly and as simply as possible.  We are here to take the pressure and anxiety that this process can cause away from you.

If you have bad tenants or you are encountering any of the following difficulties, London Repossessions can help. We will arrange, and implement the eviction process for you.

We can do this for you in three easy steps:

Serve notice seeking possession

We will serve a Notice on your problem tenant. It will warn them to pay the outstanding rent or to leave the property and it may be just what they need realise the severity of the situation. We will also provide you with a Certificate of Service.
Order Now – £70

Obtaining a possession order

We instruct our Legal Team to apply to the courts for proceedings to be issued against your tenant. A court date is arranged for the hearing on the earliest possible day available following instruction. An Advocate will attend the court hearing on your behalf and obtain the court order as required. Court Fess are also payable.

Expired Tenancy Eviction

Order Now – £200

Rent Arrears Eviction

Order Now – £450

Bailiff Action

Once the court order for eviction is made, if the tenant does not leave we will apply for the order to enforced by the court Bailiff or if you select our fast track option, by High Court Enforcement Officers. If you have an existing possession order this can also be set on the Fast Track route.
Order Now – £201