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High Court Eviction

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We can arrange to have your existing possession order transferred to the High Court, which can take weeks off the enforcement timescale and may save you a considerable amount of time and lost rental. While you are not in possession of your property you are losing money, to minimise this loss we can apply to fast track your eviction through the High Court.

Eviction by High Court Enforcement is the fastest, and in our experience the most effective method of removing your tenant when they ignore the possession order.

Under Section 42 of the County Court Act 1984, it is possible to request that a judge transfer the order to the High Court for enforcement by the High Court under a writ of possession. If you are owed rent, you can also add a claim for money to the possession order.

The benefit of using the High Court Sheriffs is that they can act very quickly to execute the writ and return your property to you. Often this can be within 24hrs of the writ being sealed.

High Court Debt Collection

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We understand time is money, that’s why our transfer up service is the perfect way to manage your existing County Court Judgments that are over £600 and under 6 years old. It’s quick and simple to instruct us to arrange High Court Enforcement Officers to act on your behalf and achieve a swift and effective resolution.

High Court Enforcement Officers generally earn their fees from the debtor, but only when they collect. HCEOs tend to have significantly higher collection rates than those of the County Court Bailiffs, who are without any financial incentive to collect. HCEOs are also permitted to force entry into commercial premises when enforcing a judgement, a power not afforded to County Court Bailiffs.

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