Our Fixed Fees

Our Fixed fees for Rent Arrears Eviction include Advocate costs for the first attendance only. In the event that case is defended further fees may apply.
Letter Before Action £35 Order Now
Prepare and Serve Notice £70 Order Now
Leave To Transfer. Inc Court Fees £266 Order Now
Court Possession Order (Accelerated Route) £200 Order Now
Rent Arrears Eviction £450 Order Now
Bailiff Warrant £201 Order Now
Supervised Access £90 Order Now
Lease Forfeiture £395 Order Now
Transfer Up (Court Fee) £66 Order Now
Abortive Fee £75 Order Now
Administration Fee £75 Order Now
High Court Eviction Fee £395 Order Now
Court Fee £355 Order Now
Landlords Representative £155 Order Now

Fees Note

All fees quoted on this site exclude Vat and Court Fees unless otherwise stated. Fees may be amended without prior notice. We cannot offer fixed fees for defended actions.