Debt Recovery

It is often the case that landlords and managing agents choose write off former tenants rent arrears and other fees such un-paid insurance and dilapidation. There is a perception that do anything else is too expensive and too much hassle. Sometimes it is simply due to just not knowing where to start.

At London Tenant Evictions our specialist Former Tenant Arrears collection team will pursue your former tenant in order to obtain full payment or a sustainable payment arrangement on your behalf. If the tenant chooses to ignore the demands, we will review your case and recommend an appropriate way forward. Such action could potentially lead to, application for bankruptcy, attachment of earnings, court judgment, and even High Court Agents seizing their goods.

Where appropriate we can begin our collection strategy on a ‘No Collection, No Fee’ basis. Only where further recovery action is agreed by you will our fixed fee structure apply. By instructing London Tenant Evictions to collect your former tenant arrears, you are dealing with experts in this field who offer a complete start to finish solution, all under one roof.

Qualified and Experienced Debt Recovery Specialists Give You:

  • Commercial and Residential rent collection
  • Individual case manager
  • Full range of collection processes
  • Access to collections via High Court (Read More)