Tenant Eviction in London By Specialist Solicitors

If you are a London Landlord or Letting Agent dealing with a problem tenant, London Repossessions can help you evict the tenant and get your property back. With fixed prices you know exactly where you stand from the beginning. By using our fixed fee and three stage processes you will not suddenly be faced with “Disbursements” or other hidden charges.

Following the recent appeal court case of  Kassam v Gill, it was determined by the court that the preparation and administering of eviction processes can only be carried by third parties authorised under the Legal services Act 2007. Anyone not so authorised may be liable to criminal prosecution should they engage in such activities.

London Tenant Evictions only use fully authorised and regulated specialist Solicitors who will manage all or part of the tenant eviction for you. As experienced legal professionals they will assist with every stage of the tenant eviction process,  including arrears recovery, and also enforcement of judgments.

If you need to evict a tenant in London, and want a fast, professional, low cost, and no fuss eviction service , that is exactly what we provide, and why you need to contact us today.

A team of fully trained legally qualified advocates are at our disposal to will represent you in court and secure the possession of your property.

With our enviable Success Rate , we are confident that we can get you the outcome you want from as little as £200.

From the serving of notice, to tenant eviction, through to you getting the keys back, our simple and affordable three step process we will help you get your property back quickly, and most importantly, cost effectively. Once we have obtained possession of your property our repossession services can also be used to restore it back to you, clean and secure.